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Substantial Savings

" After twenty two years of enjoying our home with family and friends, in addition to becoming empty nesters, it was time to entertain a change. Several months of real estate shopping convinced us that downsizing and/or moving was an unacceptable option. We began investigating various alternatives and settled on the idea of some substantial upgrades to our home, starting with the kitchen. "

" We mentioned to a friend of ours that we were contemplating changing our kitchen cabinets as part of the upgrade. The cabinets are solid wood and would have been costly to replace. Fortunately for us they mentioned that they had their cabinets refurbished by Roger Davis at 'Live Work Interiors.' We contacted Roger and after meeting with him agreed to have our cabinets refurbished rather than replaced. "

" In addition to the substantial savings, Roger and his company renewed our cabinets to a like-new finish. We found him exceptionally helpful, honest, and timely with his work. His workmanship was sterling in nature, reflecting his talent with his chosen career. "

" We would not hesitate to recommend Roger and his company to anyone looking to restore any wood product to its original appearance and finish. "

Wed, January 30 2013 - 11:26 AM

-Ginny and Bob Bird

Kitchen Restoration

" After nearly 30 years of continuous use and the raising of four children, our beautiful solid oak kitchen was showing its age and it was time to renovate. However, we still loved its striking oak grain patterns and classic gothic door designs and were very reluctant to either paint all the woodwork or replace the entire kitchen with something completely new. Thus we started to enquire about the possibility of restoring all the woodwork and discovered Roger Davis' shop, Live Work Interiors. "

" After a detailed consultation with Roger, we decided to have him try his magic skills and magic it was! We removed all 11 drawer fronts and over 35 hinged doors (carefully numbering all components for location), removed all the hardware and replaced it with new hardware that would fit the original locations. All cupboard interiors, drawers, etc. were cleaned and lightly sanded and refinished while all the other components were restored in Roger's shop. "

" Today, our kitchen looks like new and friends and acquaintances not familiar with the original sometimes ask when we installed our new kitchen and who the builder was. "

" If you love the look of solid wood and its beautiful grain patterns and are looking for someone to restore its original luster or you want someone who has the skills to bring out the best in a new item, whether it is new flooring, a stair rail, a piece of furniture or whatever, be sure to check out Roger Davis' Live Work Interiors. "

Wed, January 30 2013 - 11:26 AM

Very Reliable

" We have worked together on different projects for almost 10 years now. Roger is a skilled craftsman in antique restoration and furniture repair. Roger is very reliable and I have recommended him to many of my clients. "

Tue, March 13 2012 - 09:24 AM

- Paula Mele, Manager

Palazzi Bros. Tile and Granite Ltd.

Brand New Luster

" Our kitchen cupboards were more than 15 years old and were starting to look 'tired.' The cupboards are made from quality wood and needed to be freshened up. We could have replaced them with new but Live Work Interiors was able to refinish them and brought back that brand new luster. Even the hardware was made to look like new. The new finish is smooth to the touch and has a beautiful shine. It was a cost effective way to redo our kitchen cupboards without replacing everything. "

Tue, March 13 2012 - 09:24 AM

- Kathy and Larry Sterling

New Cupboards


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