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Mirror Restore

My career doing furniture repair and refinishing started out as a hobby doing the occasional odd piece of furniture for friends. However, as demand for my work grew, I decided to take the next step and have not looked back. I opened the doors to Live Work Interiors in early 1997, offering a full range of refinishing methods. Live Work Interiors serves Lambton County, but I have also refinished and sent furniture all over the world.

I feel that I bring a wealth of knowledge to my business, having been involved with woodworking and refinishing applications for over 40 years. All of the work I do is done using old-school principles with today’s technology.

I Know Wood

I understand the science of trees and wood. For example, trees want to take in water and even after the tree becomes a piece of wood, the wood still wants to take in water. However, as the wood’s properties change, it repels water and produces oils in order to maintain and protect itself. I understand how to maintain wood and work with its natural properties.

A Hobby that Became a Business

We do more than just restore and refinish furniture
See how we improve furniture
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